Get Started with a Lean Starter Membership

  • Create an unstoppable lean culture

    Make improvement continuous by supporting daily kaizen, 5S practices, and the elimination of waste among all associates!

  • Make growing people easy

    Use my professionally created and curated videos to grow people 2-3 times a week for months to come!

  • Focus on training, not finding material

    Training is important, but searching endlessly for material is wasteful. I give you what you need so that you can focus on what matters most.

Do any of these describe you?

  • You are searching for lean training to grow people but the time and challenge of finding material is hard to sustain.

  • You have a daily stand up meeting or have plans to schedule concentrated lean training events.

  • You have already interrogated google or YouTube, and piecing together content that is complete, high-quality, and fun seems impossible!

If your answer is "yes," you're in the right place!

How to Use this Membership

In your daily stand up meeting

Play videos on-demand in your standup meeting one or two times a week. Videos are 3-7 minutes long and perfect for bite-sized education and on-going reinforcement. Do this consistently over time and build a raging lean culture!

In scheduled training events

Add some excitement to your scheduled training events! Either pick and choose which videos to use, or adopt each video collection as a start-to-finish training curriculum.

In kaizen events

Prepare all participants in a kaizen event via pre-event training focused on the topics of your choosing. Many kaizen events make use of 5S, waste elimination, standardization, and kaizen best-practices, which are all included in your membership!

For new hire training

Jumpstart every new hire's lean comprehension by educating them with my training curriculum. Help them acclimate to your lean culture quickly and effectively!

Lean Starter Membership Courses

5S Productivity

Teach all five practices of 5S to improve housekeeping and morale while eliminating waste and making abnormalities visible.
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Kaizen Best Practices

Train all team membership effective continuous improvement skills to yield the highest quality, lowest cost, and prompt delivery.
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Kaizen Best Practices

Want to integrate with your own LMS?

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What's inside the Lean Starter membership...

  • My exclusive QuickSmarts collection of 5S Productivity, the 7 Wastes of Lean, Kaizen Best Practices, and Standardization.

  • 36 minutes (6 videos) of Lean Smarts training found nowhere else online!

  • 90+ minutes (42 videos) of curated YouTube videos to enrich each training topic.

Pricing options

Access the Lean Starter Membership via a monthly or annual subscription!

Other Membership Options

The Maniac Membership

The Starter Membership plus everything else!

Take your education further by deep-diving into advanced lean topics including my Fundamentals of Lean and lean tours of successful organizations. Membership contents: 5S Productivity, The 7 Wastes of Lean, Kaizen Best Practices, Standardization, The Fundamentals of Lean, Experiencing Lean at Xylem Design .
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The Enterprise Membership

Learning Management System (LMS) integration.

Gain the ability to integrate all Lean Smarts videos into your learning management system (LMS).
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