Step inside a lean organization

Daniel Crawford

There is no substitute for personal experience. Nothing can match stepping into a real-life lean organization.

Because until you experience lean firsthand, you may forever be reading between the lines.

But since an "on fire" lean organization can be hard to come by, I'm bringing one to you.

Meet Xylem Design.

Greg Glebe (CEO) and his tribe of ~28 lean maniacs have been practicing the Toyota Production System and 2 Second Lean for five years.

I spent a day with them capturing their rich lean culture via unscripted HD video and interviews.

You can now end your guessing about what lean looks like and visit their thriving lean culture for yourself.


What's In It For You?

  • Know how your culture compares to an exceptional lean organization.

  • Get inside the mind of Xylem's CEO and team; hear in their own words what it's like to successfully navigate a lean transformation.

  • See what a successful application of 2 Second Lean looks like outside FastCap.

  • Witness the lean management system that creates an engaged problem-solving culture.

  • Understand what's possible (and what to avoid) during your first years practicing lean.

  • Discover how amazingly well lean works for a 25-30 person woodshop.

What's Inside the Course

  • 75 minute webinar replay

    Greg Glebe (CEO, Xylem Design) and Daniel recorded a one-of-a-kind webinar with deep analysis of their culture and history. It's yours on replay!

  • 126 minutes of original footage

    Explore employee interviews, problem-solving sessions, 5S, the daily meeting, and Xylem's many lean tools and artifacts.

  • Xylem's Lean Management System

    Witness Xylem's daily lean operating system of the startup meeting, 5S/kaizen period, gemba walks, and daily meeting. Follow Daniel and Greg on the production floor.

  • Exclusive interview with CEO and COO

    Daniel asks Greg Glebe and Seth Braverman the tough and fun questions about their lean journey, including successes and failures (21 min).

  • Employee interviews

    Listen to frontline team members reflect honestly about Xylem's difficult but successful transition to elements of the Toyota Production System (TPS) and 2 Second Lean.

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Start Here
    • Webinar Replay Video
    • Xylem's Playbook
    • Facility Tour (YouTube)
  • 2

    Employee Interviews

    • Brian (1 month)
    • Antonio (2 years)
    • Rob (4 years)
    • Steven (5 years)
    • Patrick (7 years)
    • Tony (7 years) and Brad (11 years)
    • Greg Glebe and Seth Braverman
  • 3

    Lean Management System

    • Pre-Production Meeting
    • Daily 5S and Improvement Period
    • Gemba Board & Walk
    • Daily Meeting
  • 4

    Lean Tools & Methods

    • Lean Artifacts
    • Kanban System
    • The Lean Bathroom
    • Improvements (YouTube)


  • What kind of business is Xylem Design?

    Xylem Design runs a woodshop that manufactures tradeshow and retail display fixtures. They employ 25-30 people and are based in Colorado Springs, CO. Learn more at

  • Does this apply to other businesses?

    Yes! The majority of lean principles can be universally applied to any industry. This course emphasizes the lean culture at Xylem, which can apply to any organization.