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Create a Culture of Kaizen

and unleash the potential of every person.

Kaizen (aka "continuous improvement") is the spirit of lean manufacturing. It represents a world-class culture of engaged problem-solvers that use their brains (not just their hands) in making processes a little better every day.

This is the "promised land" of manufacturing excellence and employee engagement, where every team member is engaged in continuous improvement every day.

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Build a kaizen culture

Engage every team member in simple and effective continuous improvement and eliminate the waste of a disengaged brain!

Tap into unrealized potential

Unlock the 80% of potential improvement contained within front-line team members and gain massive results.

Sustain your gains

Learn the TWO functions of kaizen (maintenance and improvement of standards) and build a lasting legacy.

Create alignment

Prevent kaizen from being random by focusing everyone's efforts towards improved quality, cost, and delivery (QCD).
  • 12 Core Lessons

    Develop kaizen know-how and best practices in short, topical videos.

  • Supplemental Videos

    Reinforce key concepts with a curated list of public YouTube videos.

  • Perfect for all audiences

    Use the content for daily stand up meetings, concentrated training events, kaizen events, and new hire training.

What You'll Learn Inside the Course

  • The meaning of kaizen and the spirit of continuous improvement

  • The two functions of kaizen: maintenance and improvement

  • The role of standards, 5S, and waste elimination

  • The focus of quality, cost, and delivery in kaizen efforts

  • 7 cost-cutting kaizen activities to engage in

  • How to improve scientifically with PDCA

Course curriculum

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    Getting Started

    • How to Use this Course
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    • What is Kaizen?
    • Kaizen Improves Standards
    • Quality, Cost, & Delivery (QCD)

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