Learn 5S. Stay awake at the same time.

Daniel Crawford

Don't get me wrong--5S isn't a boring topic. It's just that a LOT of training materials out there are.

It's unfortunate, because a topic like 5S is often geared toward every front-line team member in the organization. In many cases it is also a team member's first exposure to lean.

Why should training be boring?

Well, I've discoverd that fun is more effective.

That's why I started Lean Smarts, and that's why you can join this course today for FREE.



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  • Get past resistance to lean with FUN and relatable videos.

  • Save the money you could be spending on other training pagackes.

  • Inject new life into your next meeting, training, or kaizen event.

  • Get everyone trained, on-demand, on any device, and anywhere with an Internet connection.

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What's Inside the Course

  • 10 high quality HD videos

    Videos are composed of live-action footage from Daniel's kitchen and overlaying slides to emphasize key points.

  • 40 minutes of instruction

    Each video is about 7 minutes long, making it perfect for on-demand and bite-sized training.

  • Supplemental YouTube video links

    Deepen your understanding with outside examples on the essentials of 5S. We link you to the best.

  • Red tag template download

    Use our template for printing your own red tags for sorting!

Course Contents

  • 1

    5S Basics

    • Start Here
    • 5S Introduction
    • 3S Introduction (optional)
    • 10 Reasons Why 5S Matters
    • Sort
    • Straighten
    • Sweep
    • Standardize
    • Sustain
  • 2

    Bonus Videos

    • Inspect As You Sweep
    • Use Your Brain Not Your Wallet
    • You're Never Going To Finish
  • 3

    Additional Resources

    • YouTube Video Training Links
    • Red Tag Templates

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